What kind of woman is Chanel

What kind of woman is Chanel? The absolute truth may never be known. Different film and television, biographical works, portraying her perspectives and presenting stories are all different, and even can be far apart. You can’t even tell Chanel’s own story, is she deliberately concealing her unbearable past, or she subconsciously “modifies and reshapes” her own life script according to her own good wishes, and sincerely believes in it – just as she struggles to break through, Reshaped his life.
“Life has never been pleased with me, so I create life.”
For her fashion business empire, she uses all available relationships and resources, and carefully maintains relationships, and is generous. Chanel has a lot of lover, regardless of her love, she has always maintained friendship with them, and these men have helped her career development more or less from different aspects.
It is undeniable that Chanel is still one of the greatest women of the twentieth century.

Not only did she create her own life – she created the first global fashion brand named after a female designer in an era when women generally did not have independent economic capabilities;

From an orphan, a mistress who relied on a male-funded family, eventually became an independent professional woman;

She also changed the way women dress in the 20th century, and promoted the process of women’s independence, freedom, and liberation.

She is worthy of the legendary word.

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